Postbaccalaureate Certificate in GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Program Type: Postbaccalaureate Certificate

Students will learn fundamental concepts and practices of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and explore advances in Geospatial Information Science and Technology. Students will be exposed to applications of GIS analysis to address geospatial problems and research questions in areas such as surveying and remote sensing, infrastructure, agriculture, transportation, urban planning, climate challenges, and natural disasters..

Program Requirements: 12 total credit hours

  • Core Courses:
    GEOM 710: Geospatial Techniques and Analysis
    GEOM 831 Advanced Geospatial Analysis
  • Technical Electives (Choose Two of the Following):
    GEOM 612, GEOM 620, GEOM 640, GEOM 650, GEOM 660, GEOM 670, GEOM 720, GEOM 845, GEOM 885, STAT 824, CSE 708, CIEN 700 CIEN 754, 




Contact Information

College of Science and Technology
Department of Built Environment

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Leila Hashemi-Beni

Department Chair: Dr. Alesia Ferguson

Additional Curriculum Details