Why Recycle Module

The Why Recycle Module is an engaging interactive activity to teach students the about timeline for waste decomposition of many common waste products, and the impacts of long-term waste. Teachers check out a CERT Why Recycle kit which contains components for 8 stations.  The module also includes a link to an instructional video for teachers to watch to learn how to set up the activity.  A classroom instructional video is then used to guide the students through the activity.

This module links directly with the science curriculum “Essential Standards and Clarifying Objectives” for 4th grade and High School Environmental Science.  Specifically, it aligns with the Ecosystems standard, 4.L.1.3 and Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes. To request a CERT Why Recycle kit or additional information, please contact us at CERT@ncat.edu

Getting Started:

1.Read the Educator Introduction document and watch the Educator Preparation video found under “Basic Module” below
2.Determine which date you will use the kit
3.Contact CERT@ncat.edu to have a kit delivered the day before you will use it

Basic Module:

CERT Educational Series, Why Recycle, Educator Introduction.docx

CERT Educational Series, Why Recycle, Step-by-Step Set-up Instructions.pdf: notes to guide you during class delivery

Classroom videos for the CERT Why Recycle module (.mp4) (coming soon)

CERT Educational Series, Why Recycle Student Lab Sheet.docx

CERT Educational Series, Why Recycle Student Lab Answer Sheet.docx 

Kit containing the components for 8 individual experimental set-ups for the classroom (kit contents listed below):

  • A notebook with all documents and a memory stick containing all files
    8 small pouches, each containing the game pieces for one lab station
  • A portable mouse

Power Point presentation of video.  These are provided to allow the educator to make variations if desired.

CERT Educational Series, Why Recycle.pptx