Academic Assessment


Our mission is to design, coordinate, and grow a culture of continuous improvement through assessment and evaluation that supports teaching and learning, enhances student success, and supports strategic decision making across all units of the university. Assessment begins with the educational values of our institution and so is tied to our educational mission, our strategic plan, and our vision for the future. The assessment process is seen as a reflective practice that leads to evidence-based decision making.

The strong, interconnectedness of teaching, learning, and assessment requires that this process involves faculty, administrators, staff, and students so that we can develop and provide high-quality information about experiences and conditions that help students learn at A&T. This information also generates knowledge for stakeholders, both internal and external, to the university. This accountability function, providing evidence of learning and improvements that result from this process, has become important to share with disciplinary and regional accreditors as a way to demonstrate the quality of the university’s programs and services.

To ensure that this continuous process toward improvement is clearly visible, North Carolina A&T State University has adopted the Transparency Framework developed by The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA). This framework guides us as we examine and rethink how we approach our assessment work and how we communicate that work to all constituents of the University. There are six major components of assessment-related information.