Cadet Life

When you become a member of Air Force ROTC, you’ll enjoy college life just like every other student on campus. In addition to sporting events and study groups, you’ll also be part of a tight-knit community of driven individuals striving to get the most out of their college experience, career, and lives.

As a cadet in the program, you will take two Air Force ROTC classes per semester: Aerospace Studies and Leadership Laboratory. The Aerospace Studies class is designed to educate you on a wide range of topics that progress through your time in AFROTC. You will learn everything from the basics of being in the Air Force to leadership, management topics, and national security issues.

Freshman // Fall Semester (AERO 121) and Spring Semester (AERO 122) 1x Semester Hour Each Semester
Sophomore // Fall Semester (AERO 221) and Spring Semester (AERO 222) 1x Semester Hour Each Semester
Junior // Fall Semester (AERO 321) and Spring Semester (AERO 322) 3x Semester Hours Each Semester
Senior // Fall Semester (AERO 421) and Spring Semester (AERO 422) 3x Semester Hours Each Semester

Note: Students who begin Air Force ROTC after their Fall first-year semester will have to take AS100/AS200 classes for their second-year semesters.

In addition to what you learn in the classroom, you’ll also have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in Lead Lab. During Lead Lab, you will be taught military drill and ceremonies, customs and courtesies, as well as be given the opportunity to participate in leadership exercises. Leadership Lab consists of a two-hour class held once per week and one-hour physical training sessions two times per week.  Leadership Lab is 1x Semester Hour Each Semester.

Physical fitness assessments
Field days
Drills and ceremonies
Leadership studies
Air Force officer career days
Leadership-building exercises

Freshman // Fall Semester (AERO 131) and Spring Semester (AERO 132) 1x Semester Hour Each Semester
Sophomore // Fall Semester (AERO 231) and Spring Semester (AERO 232) 1x Semester Hour Each Semester
Junior // Fall Semester (AERO 331) and Spring Semester (AERO 332) 1x Semester Hour Each Semester
Senior // Fall Semester (AERO 431) and Spring Semester (AERO 432) 1x Semester Hour Each Semester

Typically, you will participate in Field Training during the summer between your sophomore and junior year. The training is a two-week encampment that includes physical conditioning, group leadership development, and survival training. While at Field Training you will be evaluated on your leadership potential and be provided with the opportunity to expand your skills as both a leader and team member.