Aggies at the Goal Line


Aggies at the Goal Line (AGL) is a degree completion program designed to help former “Aggies” who did not complete their bachelor’s degrees to return to the University to earn a bachelor’s degree. The program is fully online and specially tailored to accommodate the non-traditional student. Approximately 200 former students have re-enrolled through AGL and completed their degrees. Many more are on their way. Don't let time and resources get in your way. You can complete your A&T degree and we can help. 

"Nontraditional adult learners represent almost 40%

of all post-secondary students in the United States."



To qualify for Aggies at the Goal Line, you must:

• Have stopped out of school for at least two years

• Have a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average 

• Have earned 90 or more credits

The Aggies at the Goal Line progam is designed for first-degree seeking students only who have never earned a bachelor's degree. 


Student Testimonials



Gwendolyn Toon


Gwendolyn Toon says being an Aggie is just something that she just knew she was supposed to be. She knew that if she was going to continue college, it had to be at A&T. "I'm just thankful for the Goal Line program that helps students who want to finish their degree to not have to start over." 


Isaac Smith


Soon after he retired, Vietnam veteran Isaac Smith decided to finish the degree he’d started at North Carolina A&T back in 1962. With a full load of classes in the Aggies at the Goal Line online adult learner program, Smith earned all A’s. The North Carolina A&T tradition runs strong in his family, and he added to the brood when he completed his degree.



For more information about Aggies at the Goal Line Degree Completion Program please contact:

Carliss Lee Jacobs - director, Aggies at the Goal Line 

Phone: 336-285-3808
Fax: 336-334-7010