The Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


The Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEE&I) is an interdisciplinary community advancing NCA&T’s entrepreneurial capacity by providing exemplary entrepreneurship education, cutting-edge research, results-oriented acceleration and incubation program and impact-driven community and corporate engagement program. The primary goals of the center are to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation on the campus, increase research leading to new programs and technologies, foster collaboration between the university and community partners, and drive economic development in the community.

The CEE&I is the hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in the university and brings together students, faculty, researchers, alumni, investors and corporate partners to develop the next generation of growth-minded and solutions-oriented innovators and entrepreneurs.  It creates an entrepreneurial pipeline that will benefit the community.  The Center takes ideas from classrooms and labs to market and from the market to the labs and will position NCA&T as a leader and a destination for entrepreneurship and innovation.   


The mission of the Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to unleash innovative multi-disciplinary capabilities to advance entrepreneurship for the community, state, and beyond.
The vision of the Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to be an impact-focused preeminent center that empowers campus and community entrepreneurs and innovators to bring enterprising solutions to the global marketplace.

Focus Areas

  1. Entrepreneurial Culture and Mindset. Develop and infuse entrepreneurship and innovation in various academic programs to foster the entrepreneurial mindset among students and faculty.   
  2. Exemplary Entrepreneurship Education. Provide a multifaceted student entrepreneurship program to produce solutions-oriented graduates who can turn their passion, creativity and ideas into real-world applications and businesses. We are creating an entrepreneurship pipeline that will benefit the community.  
  3. Cutting-Edge Research. Promote and support interdisciplinary research and scholarship leading to new knowledge, new technologies, and the creation of new ventures. 
  4. Acceleration and Incubation. Create the infrastructure and programs needed to stimulate and translate ideas into innovations and into companies that benefit the state and beyond.  
  5. Community and Corporate Engagement. Connect the university with the community and serve as a clearinghouse for data in entrepreneurship education, research, and outreach.  
The Focus Areas are implemented through the following units:  
  1. Innovation Academy 
  2. Research and Grant Writing Lab 
  3. Innovation Fund 
  4. Aggie Venture Development Lab-Accelerator and Incubator
  5. Community and Corporate Engagement Program 

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Email: CEEI@ncat.eduTwitter: @NCATCEEI | Instagram: @NCATCEEI | LinkedIn: NCATCEEI

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Center of Excellence in
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