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Aggies Teach: Recommended Workshops for Online and Hybrid Teaching 

Instructional Technology Training and Development (ITTD) and the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) have combined expertise and efforts to offer a series of sessions focusing on 7 essential topics to help make your online or hybrid (flipped or blended) teaching experience successful. The workshops will provide valuable information and best practices for preparing courses and instructing students remotely.  

We recommend completing sessions in each topic, leading to at least 17 hours of training. Each workshop is about 1.5 - 2 hours in length and offers opportunities for engaged and active learning among faculty. The sessions will also offer opportunities for practical applications of the concepts to help with course development in Blackboard. Visit to register. 

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Topics and Recommended Sessions  


Session Options 

Total Hours 

Goals and Alignment (Choose 2) 

3 hours 


Setting Goals and Objectives for Significant Learning (1.5 hrs)



Aligning Teaching Activities to Course Outcomes (1.5 hrs)


Student Engagement: Techniques & Tools Online (Choose 2 or More) 

2 hours 


Creating Engaged and Effective Discussions (1.0 hr)



Active and Engaging Lectures (1.0 hr)



Creating Community in Online Settings (1.0 hr)


Blackboard Resources (Choose 1 or more) 

2 hours 


Introduction to Blackboard (1.0 hr)


Overview of Blackboard Resources and Tools (2.0 hrs)

Organizing Blackboard (1.0 hr)

Lectures (Choose 1 or more)  

1.5 hours 


Introducing Collaborate Ultra (1.5 hrs)



Creating Lectures using MyMediasite (1.5 hrs)



Zoom Basics (1.5 hrs) 



Introduction to SoftChalk Cloud (2.0)


Assignments (Choose 1)

1.5 hours 


Blackboard Assignment and Plagiarism Tools (1.5 hrs)


Assessments (Choose 3 or more)  

6 hours 


Managing and Creating Exams using Respondus (2.0 hrs)



Reduce Cheating During Online Exams (Respondus LDB and Monitor) (1.5 hrs) 



Creating Rubrics for Course Assessments (1.5 hrs) 



Blackboard Grade Center (2.0 hrs)



Academic Integrity and Alternative Assessments (1.5 hrs)


Managing Campus Courses (Choose 1) 

1 hour 


The Flipped Hybrid Class (1.0)


For more information, contact:
Dr. Tracie Lewis, Director, Instructional Technology Training and Development (ITTD) or 336-285-4491 

Dr. Audrey Dentith, Director, Center for Teaching and Excellence (CTE) or 336-285-3043