Student Complaint Procedure

North Carolina A&T State University is committed to a policy of fair treatment of its students in their relationships with fellow students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the faculty or individual(s) involved when possible. For matters where a resolution is not feasible, a Student Complaint Form can be completed and filed with the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Office located in Suite 100 Murphy Hall. Action response dates by responsible parties are recorded on the form as well as the name of a specific responding staff member. To ensure fair and consistent treatment and a timely resolution of complaints, the following steps should be followed:

Step 1: As indicated above, the student should attempt to resolve the complaint by directly contacting the individual(s) involved, when possible. If the issue is not resolved, the student should contact the supervisor of the academic or administrative unit out of which the issue has arisen.

Step 2: If the student receives no response or unsatisfactory response from the department and/or supervisor, the student may then complete the Student Complaint Form, which will be available on-line or in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, and submit the completed form to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs in Murphy Hall.

Step 3: The student who submitted the complaint will receive an acknowledgment of receipt from Student Affairs/Administration. If the complaint is covered by a formal written policy, Student Affairs/ Administration will explain that the student must file a formal written report and close this complaint.

Step 4: Student Affairs Administration will forward the complaint to the academic Dean or unit supervisor with oversight of the area out of which the issue has arisen for resolution.

Step 5: The Dean, or the Dean’s designee, or unit supervisor will forward the resolution to Student Affairs/Administration and to the Provost.

Step 6: Student Affairs/Administration will document resolution in the Student Complaint Log housed in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Step 7: Upon resolution, the complaint form is returned to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs who forwards the decision to the student and all parties involved.

Complete the Student Complaint Form. (Google Chrome is the preferred browser to complete this form.)

The Licensure Division of the University of North Carolina System Office serves as the official state entity to receive complaints concerning post-secondary institutions that are authorized to operate in North Carolina. If students are unable to resolve a complaint through the institution's grievance procedures, they can review the Student Complaint Policy (PDF), print out and complete the Student Complaint Form (PDF) and submit the complaint to: 

North Carolina Post-Secondary Education Complaints
c/o Student Complaints
University of North Carolina System Office
910 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2688
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For more information, send an email to:

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