Dr. Zerihun Assefa

On behalf of my colleagues, I welcome you to the Department of Chemistry and invite you to spend some time on this web page exploring the many exciting happenings including our faculty and their research interests, research advances and outputs, curriculum guides  and a lot more.  Our main goal is to promote excellence in instruction and professional practice, in addition to advancing the knowledge generation business through cutting-edge research.  The web page contains basic information on our faculty members as well as relevant contact information within the department and beyond. Our undergraduate curriculum is certified by the American Chemical Society and research training is a major component of our program culminating with a capstone research report and presentation at the senior year. Most of our graduates over the last several years have gone to further their education in graduate schools, medical, dental, and pharmacy schools as well as in industrial positions. 

The chemistry department would like you to make an impact by supporting our effort of educating the next generation of students. We  always have needs to support our students in the form of research stipend, tuition support, and travel to scientific meetings. Unrestricted funds for instrument upgrade and maintenance is highly appreciated in view of the initiation of the newly approved PhD program in Applied Science and Technology. In this regard our special request goes to our very successful alumni. Please  consider supporting our effort financially.  I thank you so very much for visiting us.