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Pulse 72

Pulse's purpose is to increase health and physical activity among students while educating them on the pros and cons of being active and balanced. We aim to promote the personal, professional, and social well-being of its members through participation in activities such as campus and community service, social gatherings, and fundraising. Members are also exposed and encouraged to join and actively participate in discipline-specific local, state, regional, and national organizations.


Kinesiology F.I.T. Living Learning Community

Newly admitted freshmen students who have declared Sports Science and Fitness Management (SSFM) as their degree program are eligible to participate in the Kinesiology Facilitating Interpersonal Transformation (F.I.T.) Living Learning Community. The purpose of the F.I.T. LLC is to provide structured academic, social and professional experiences for first and second year SSFM students as a means for them to examine exercise and/or related disciplines leadership models, develop a practical understanding of sport organizational administrative functioning and to participate in collaboratively planned leisure activities. Moreover, the F.I.T. LLC will afford SSFM first- and second-year students the opportunity to become familiarized with the University’s values, while fostering an environment for personal development.


Phi Epsilon Kappa (PEK) Eta Delta Chapter

Within the Department of Kinesiology, both undergraduate and graduate students are afforded the opportunity to obtain membership in Phi Epsilon Kappa Honor Society, given that they meet the following requirements: 
1) Must be enrolled at North Carolina A&T State University as a full-time student; 
2) Must be declared as a Sports Science and Fitness Management major for at least one academic semester; and 
3) Must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale at North Carolina A&T.

Some of the advantages of membership in PEK are: 
1) Provides unique opportunities to work with peers; 
2) Offers socio-cultural opportunities; 
3) Fosters lasting friendships and fraternal spirit; 
4) Provides opportunities for professional growth and leadership development; 
5) Develops a feeling of mutual interest and responsibility, both personally and professionally; and 
6) Helps to instill a healthy professional spirit among the members and other students in the department and/or school.

With regard to the latter, the PEK Honor Society within the Department of Kinesiology developed and implemented a program entitled: Students Promoting Physical Activity (Exercise is Medicine), Healthy Eating, Exemplary Grades, and Community Engagement (SPHEC) to help fight against the obesity epidemic (through increased physical activity and a healthy diet) to promote academic success and community engagement.

Forty-eight (48) 2023-2024 Academic Year New Inductees (27 pictured) 

 KINS PEK Inductees 2023-2024

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