Vending Machines

N.C. A&T Campus Enterprises is pleased to offer more than 101 beverage and 51 snack vending machines across campus, which generate income that, in part, contributes to scholarships.

Our beverage machines are serviced by Coca-Cola, and our snack machines are serviced by Sodexo. Many of our vending machines are equipped with card readers, allowing you to use your credit/ debit card, book vouchers, and Aggie dollars are accepted to purchase beverages and snacks.

NOTE: For debit/credit card users, there will be an initial hold of $5 placed on your account per single purchase, updated to reflect the actual transaction amount within 24-72 hours depending on the policy of your bank. Your final charge will only reflect items vended per single purchase. For questions about debit/credit card holds, please contact your bank.

Having Problems?

Report vending-related issues on the form below, such as:

  • Report a malfunctioning machine. Most service issues should be resolved within 24-48 hours.
  • Request a refund for money lost in a machine.
  • Request additional or replacement machines in your building. You can also request machines to be relocated.

Click Here to Report Vending Issue