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As a commercial business operator, have you ever compared underwriting to commercial advertising? Underwriting is direct, it’s uncluttered, and it’s a cost efficient way to reach a radio audience. In these days of small advertising and promotional budgets, underwriting is a viable alternative to commercial advertising. If you would like to communicate your business message to a well-educated, diverse and multi-income audience, underwriting on Public Radio WNAA-FM is the way to do it.

Underwriting on WNAA-FM is a very effective and powerful way to reach a diverse group of people with your message. Underwriting also enhances your business image by associating it with a worthwhile nonprofit organization and educational institution: 90.1 FM and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

WNAA-FM is the only noncommercial Public Radio station in the Triad that appeals to the multicultural makeup of this market. We are also Greensboro’s only full power Public Radio station. WNAA can convey your message and educate people about your business. WNAA can make a difference.

Join our current underwriters in supporting WNAA-FM and North Carolina A&T State University. You will be happy with the results.

Underwriting Explained

Underwriting is a system developed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help noncommercial stations, like WNAA-FM/HD, generate funds for station operations. Under the system of Underwriting, as setup by the FCC, businesses and organizations may make donations of cash, products, goods or services to noncommercial stations. The stations must then acknowledge receipt of those contributions through Underwriting Announcements.

Underwriting Announcements are not commercials. They cannot promote a business, or its products, goods or services in any way. However, the business does receive a form of indirect promotion through the repetitive acknowledgment of its gift to the station. In addition to the repetition of the announcements, businesses are indirectly promoted through the information given about the business in the Underwriter announcement.

Noncommercial Stations are allowed to give the following information in an underwriter's announcement:

1. Name of the business or organization

2. Location

3. Phone number

4. A general description: A listing of a few of the products, goods and or services provided.

5. Business Slogan. The slogan must be value neutral and must not promote. (See example below)

Underwriting Agreement

An over-the-air announcement acknowledging this donation will be made by WNAA-FM as outlined in this agreement. Most announcements will be made on the hour and on the half hour during the duration of a program, or as outlined throughout the day.

All underwriter acknowledgments shall be made for identification purposes only and may not contain comparative or qualitative descriptions, price information, calls to action, or inducement to buy sell, rent, or lease. All underwriting acknowledgment information and materials are subject to the approval of WNAA-FM.

This agreement is not exclusive as to the business, products, or services of the Underwriter, and WNAA-FM/HD remains free to solicit and to broadcast announcements of other sponsors whether or not they are in competition with the business products or services of the Underwriter.

If, due to an emergency, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, cancellation of the program by the program supplier, or for any other cause beyond WNAA’s control, there is an interruption or omission of the program sponsored hereunder, WNAA may make a substitute broadcast at a comparable alternative time period.

All underwriting fees must be paid in advance. Payment arrangements can be set up to pay monthly for underwriting agreements lasting longer than eight weeks.

Underwriter Copy Example:


Funding for this and other programs on WNAA-FM have been provided by Dan's Digital Den, 1520 Duke Street in Durham. Dan's Digital Den specializes in car stereo equipment, hard-to-find electronic gadgets and large screen TV displays. Dan's also installs satellite and alarm systems. WNAA-FM is proud to have Dan's Digital Den in Durham as an underwriting supporter. The web address is dans digital den dot com.