Degree Offered: M.S.

The online Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree program at North Carolina A&T is designed to provide professionals from multiple disciplines and industries with an understanding of the fundamental principles of cybersecurity, and expertise in application aspects of cybersecurity.   The program offers its students the flexibility to leverage knowledge from required core courses with a rich set of technical electives to customize their cybersecurity expertise for this evolving and high demand field.  

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed a college-level computer programming course.


Program Curriculum:

Foundational Core courses (6 credits): 
CST 605 Principle of Computer Networking  
COMP 670 Computer Architecture and Operating systems  

Cybersecurity Core courses (9 credits): 
COMP 620 Information Privacy and Security or CST 750 Computer System Security  
COMP726 Network Security  or CST 615 Advanced Network Security Applications  
CYBER 650 Security Policy, Laws and Ethics            

Other Electives (15) credits: Other relevant courses with advisor and program administrator approval 
CST 610 Digital Communications (3) 
CST 620 Telecommunications Management (3) 
CST 729 Data Warehousing 
CST 625 Computer Database Management 
CST 764 Advanced Big Data Analytics 
COMP 621 Web Security (3) 
COMP 725 Software Security Testing (3) 
COMP 727 Secure Software Engineering (3) 
COMP 651 Data Analytics Techniques (3) 
*BUAN 605 Methods in Business Analysis(3
*BUAN 725 Business Analytics (3

Contact Information
Graduate Coordinator: Anna Yu