Aggie Male Empowerment Network

At North Carolina A&T, we are deeply committed to making sure our young men get the foundation they need so they can continue to build. The issues that confront our male students are complex and we can help.

Aggie M.E.N. (Male Empowerment Network) is a freshmen male mentoring program that pairs our freshmen with peer mentors (generally juniors and seniors) by major and interest. We want to make sure that our male freshmen have someone to talk to about classroom and academic topics but also about how to grow to be an upstanding man in our community.

Mentor Collective is a company that helps universities create and run mentoring programs. Our partnership has created two large freshmen mentoring programs: Aggie MEN (for all new male freshmen and new transfer students), and Aggie Mentor Collective (open to all new freshmen and new transfer students).

Aggie Mentor Collective (AMC) AMC pairs freshmen with upper class students(juniors & seniors) to assist the new freshmen with in-class and academic problems as well as out of class issues. We want our freshmen to feel plugged in.  We find our freshmen walk a bit prouder when they are confident in their steps.  Our AMC mentors make sure that you don’t feel like you’re walking alone.

How can I become a Member or Mentor?  At the beginning of each semester, an email will be sent from Mr. Basu containing the links to sign up to be either a participant or a mentor.


Program Coordinator:
Mr. Anjan Basu
Phone: 336-285-2593