Social media users often include hashtags to enhance searchability of their posts and to rally users in hopes of greater visibility for their subject. At North Carolina A&T, we often use hashtags like #NCAT, #AggiePride and #AggiesDO for exactly those purposes.

  • When you are developing a hashtag for a social media campaign, a university program or an A&T event, we encourage you to be thoughtful and creative. You should also be mindful that your hashtag represents A&T, and take care to ensure that it is not controversial or inappropriate.
  • Hashtags work best when they are widely adapted, and that can take time. In many cases, working with an existing hashtag for a new campaign is desirable for immediate visibility and impact. Many posts that come from A&T institutional accounts, for instance, use #NCAT, though the posts are very different in terms of subject, illustrations and intended audience.
  • Avoid excessive "promotional" hashtags. Instead, try to work the hashtags directly into the copy rather than sharing them at the end of the post. 
  • Where possible, use no more than two hashtags per post.

If you need assistance in identifying an appropriate hashtag for your effort, please contact Digital Media Director Tonya Dixon at (336) 256-0863 or tddixon1@ncat.edu


Approved Hashtags for A&T Social Media


 #NCAT - Most common A&T hashtag, used for affiliation with the university


#AggiePride - Commonly used to add excitement, institutional pride


#AggiesDO - Our call to action that captures the essence of A&T and what it means to be a member of its proud community


#HBCU - Underscores our nature as a historically Black university


#AggiesAllIn (Athletics usage only) - Developed to signal support for A&T athletics teams/student athletes


#Aggies - Relates to our campus mascot