2019 -2020 Curriculum Guides: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

Department of English

B.A. - English (Professional English)
B.A. - English (African-American Literature)
B.A. - English (Creative Writing)
B.A. - English (Technical Writing)
B.S. - Secondary Education (English)

 Department of History and Political Science


B.A. - History
B.S. - History, Secondary Education

Political Science

B.A. - Political Science

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

B.S. - Journalism & Mass Communication (Mass Media Production)
B.S. - Journalism & Mass Communication (Multimedia Journalism)
B.S. - Journalism & Mass Communication (Public Relations)

Department Liberal Studies

B.A. - Liberal Studies (African-American Studies)
B.A. - Liberal Studies (Applied Cultural Thought) 
B.A. - Liberal Studies (Pre-Law)

Department of Criminal Justice

B.S. - Criminal Justice
B.S. - Criminal Justice, Certificate in Forensic Science – Crime Scene Investigation

Department of Visual and Performing Arts 

Visual Arts, Design

B.A. Visual Arts, Design
B.A. Visual Arts, Design (Media Design)
B.A. Secondary Education (Art Education)

Theatre Arts

B.F.A. - Professional Theatre (Acting)
B.F.A. - Professional Theatre (Theatre Technology)

B.A. - Music (General)
B.A. - Music (Performance)
Bachelor of Arts in Music (Performance, Piano Track)
B.S. - Secondary Education (Music Education, Vocal Track)
B.A. - Music (Performance) Instrumental Track
B.A. - Music (Secondary Education - Instrumental Track)

Graduate Programs

M.A. - English and African American Literature Thesis / Non-Thesis
M.A.T. - English Education
M.A.T. - History Education