Jasmine Amaniampong, SGA President

Jasmine Amaniampong


Jasmine Amaniampong 


Concord, NC



Fun fact about Jasmine

Her go-to shoe is a platform!

What has Jasmine done in SGA?

In her previous role within SGA, as Sophomore Class President, Jasmine and her council worked to unify their class under the initiative Campus CommUnity. As a council, they curated the now annual Black Reads and Black Door Project while also emphasizing togetherness and unity through events such as Spooky Sophomore Social and 1891 Vibetime. Through this role, Jasmine learned the ins and outs of SGA while also taking time to get to know a multitude of her classmates.

Goals for the upcoming year

The goals for this upcoming school year are to promote unity, collective work, and responsibility on campus through various initiatives during the school year. Jasmine is working towards structural organization within SGA to produce better outcomes of all initiatives within student government. Additionally, Jasmine is pushing for administrative visibility with more events on campus along with collaboration from student orgs. 


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