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BS Computer Graphics Technology (CGT): Technical Design (TEDS) and User Experience (UEXP)

Computer Graphics Technology is preparing students for the changing world of digital and web-based applications. Technical design and user experience design are influencing our society at an exponential rate. In the Technical Design concentration, students will be able to help companies and organizations visualize data, design quality products, and create efficient architectural structures. The concentration in User Experience represents the future in user interface design, website development, video game design, and animation. Students will emerge from the program able to help companies and organizations work with their customers and users effectively. Students’ ability to plan and manage computer graphics technology is critical to their performance on the job. The development of video games, animations, websites, publications, architectural design, product design, and the technology to carry these out are the focuses of Computer Graphics Technology. Students will learn to create computer-generated designs to fulfill users’ needs. They will work collaboratively on a variety of highly skilled design projects in the program. Students will incorporate design characteristics, such as ease of use, eye-appealing graphics, functionality, human-computer interaction (HCI), and usability to meet or exceed users’ satisfaction with design products. Creating optimal user experiences with design products is the focus of Computer Graphics Technology. Please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin to review the curriculum guide and course descriptions.


The Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communication Systems is accredited by The Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering.

BS in GCS Curriculum Guide. Note: The students will not be accepted in this major from Fall 2021.

BS in CGT-TEDS Curriculum Guide. Note: It will be offered from Fall 2021.

BS in CGT-UEXP Curriculum Guide. Note: It will be offered from Fall 2021.

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  • Technical Design
  • User Experience

  • The program is the only program in this area that focuses on both design and technology management.
  • Graduates are employed by a variety of companies, organizations and governmental agencies.
  • Students learn about both design and graphics technology.
  • The department has an active student organization.

  • User Experience Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • VR Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Video Game Developer
  • Animator
  • 3D Model Creator
  • Multimedia Creator
  • Architectural Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Building Information Modeling Specialist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Image Editor
  • Digital Photographer/Videographer

Approximate Starting Average Salary: $50,000